Food trade, logistics and chain stores

In the current uncertain situation regarding the future approval of pest control substances (keyword: ban on anticoagulants), we are increasingly being approached by companies looking for clear guidance.

The focus on transitioning to poison-free methods is especially on digital solutions. This is precisely where we can offer over a decade of experience in the area of radio-controlled rodent monitoring. We are pioneers in this sector and are familiar with all the radio standards available on the market, as we have installed systems in both branches and warehouses.

Since we do not benefit financially from the sale of hardware, we can provide independent and objective information on the strengths and weaknesses of various products. We have worked with a wide range of technologies and manufacturers and therefore know which solution is most effective in which context.

  • Why does one system have better range than another?
  • Why don't my batteries last as long as advertised?
  • Which technology works outdoors, and what is preferable indoors?
  • How do I achieve good radio coverage in my branch? Why does it work differently in the warehouse?
  • Where are my data actually sent and is the transmission secure?
  • Who actually owns the data collected there by IoT systems?
  • Do I really need a separate app and online portal from each manufacturer?

If you have ever asked yourself any of the above questions, feel free to contact us. We are here to provide you with our expertise and offer individual, practical advice.

Pest Control Operators

For two decades, we have been supporting pest control companies of all sizes on their journey into the digital age. We offer individual solutions for both the new founder who is just taking the leap into self-employment, and the established company that is looking for an efficient solution for scheduling its employees.

Our main focus is on online documentation through the HYGiTEC system, which has established itself as a reliable solution in the market for years. We are happy to show you how HYGiTEC can also optimize your other business processes.

In addition, we provide you with expert advice in the areas of data protection and data security, and offer expertise in digital permanent monitoring systems as well as various radio standards. Contact us to learn more about how we can efficiently support your company.